Graduate Study- Program (after 12th Std)

Get matched & apply into the right engineering stream to kick-start your engineering career,using our effective Assessment method


Post Graduate Study Program

The modern world is in a continuous movement and people everywhere are looking for quick, safe means of accessing


Research Study Program

Imparting best engineering knowledge & coining possibilities is our joyful passion.ENGICLAN helps to achieve your Research Degree with an exclusive program.

Global Engineering admission

Easing student’s application process

Using EngiClan’s unique & effective systems, students can easily search and apply successfully to 650+ engineering institutions around the world-wide. Get application filing and interview preparation by industry experts.

Vigilant Process

Pursue your dream of engineering abroad

Discover new opportunities across all engineering streams. Browse through the various programs and learn more about streams, colleges, admissions, Scholarships etc.

You are just a click away from your Foreign Engineering Degree

Let us tell you how EngiClan can help.


Engineering stream selection

We offer Scientific Assessment to give aspirants more clarity about the stream best suited for their bright career.


Visa and Travel assistance

From visa process to travel support to post-landing help, we do it all, and that too, seamlessly


Engineer’s Expert guidance

Engineering gurus gives end-to-end guidance by giving you authentic complete knowledge about the engineering field.


Scholarships & Financial aid

Providing insights and assistance in obtaining Scholarship, loan, and other financial aid options.


University Applications & acceptance

EngiClan Helps you with right profiling, choosin, and applying to the best Engineering institutes world-wide.


Counseling for Career progression

Post study assistance in terms of higher studies and professional career guidance.

Access to a pool of Engineering opportunities abroad

Our close association with top engineering universities world-wide helps to create valuable opportunities for you.


Exclusive University partnership

Fulfilling study abroad engineering dreams through our exclusive university tie-ups


Campus ambassador connect

Reach to Diverse and Qualified student and increase your campus knowledge


Right Engineering Stream selection

expert counselors takes your through assessment to select compatible engineering stream


Let us Engineer a better future for you

Get Access to the largest Global knowledge repository

EngiClan has the biggest database of the best universities in 30+ countries of the world. Filter the knowledge bank and the best-fit stream and institute to gear up your study abroad dreams.